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Upgrade 9.1.1 to later version

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    My DNN Instance has about 20 websites running on it, I have been using DNN since around Version 1 and I always perform backups so I can fall back to the version that I try to upgrade.  This time I am not finding a good upgrade path and have spent countless hours on the project.  I am almost ready to give up on upgrading, but I would like fo install store software for a non-profit I am in charge of as a volunteer.

    I performed a upgrade from 9.1.1 to 9.3.2 then to 9.50 and had two problems..

    • One was a problem with the Gravity Skin that I reported before.
    • The second one is the one that 9.5.1RC1 is suppose to correct - "where the wrong site would show in site settings. #3515"
    • The third problem was the peforma bars for the admin functions would never come up when I logged in as admin.  I am using the Gravity skin.   I also tried the Xcillion skin but did not work either.

    I tried 9.3.2 and it has the same bug #3515 along with a couple of others issues, but the pefroma admin items do work.

    Does anyone know if the issue #3515 is there/not there in 9.4.4 or any other issues that 9.4.4 introduced? I do not see it as a problem that was fixed in 9.4.4

    This is a production site, I have not seen much progress on 9.5.1RC1.  Has anyone of you installed 9.5.1RC1, tested it and happy with it?  I am setting up a test database and site to run it through testing but do not want to spend hours and hours testing all the sites on my DNN instance!!




    Advanced Member

      Ronnie, pls start testing also and join us on Slack! We do spend countless hours testing new versions of DNN but it would be nice if you join us.
      Mariette Knap
      Microsoft MVP Alumni

      New Around Here

        Hi Mariette,

        Can you please share the Slack link so I can join and start testing? I have been using DNN since version 4 and it is time I start giving back to the community.

        New Around Here

          Posted By Mariette Knap on 10 Apr 2020 04:50 AM
          Ronnie, pls start testing also and join us on Slack! We do spend countless hours testing new versions of DNN but it would be nice if you join us.

          Let me know what the URL is for the DNN group



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            Pls, send me your email address in a PM on this site and I will ask the admins on Slack to add you. Thank you!
            Mariette Knap
            Microsoft MVP Alumni

            Advanced Member

              Thanks to Ronnie for joining us on Slack. I am still waiting for GSN to contact me.
              Mariette Knap
              Microsoft MVP Alumni

              New Around Here

                Thank you all for the suggestions.  It did end up being a Windows server directory permissions problem, I failed to add one user to the DNN directory in the new instance.  The new 9.1.1 instance and the upgraded instance are both working properly.  The upgraded instance is running 9.6.0 RC1 and I will use it for testing the version.

                Thanks again and special thanks to @ Joe Craig for prompting me to look closer at permissions.

                One piece of advise to all who plan on upgrading....

                First, make a backup of your current versions database and directory.    MAKE SURE you upgrade all modules, skins, themes, containers, extensions and .NET Framework PRIOR to upgrading a site.

                New Around Here

                  Hello Ronnie and Team,

                  Very interesting what happened. I currently have version 09.01.01 (129) of dotnetnuke and want to upgrade to newer versions.

                  - Do you have any advice you can give me? I notice that the latest version is 9.10.2.

                  - This is the page I should use to get the update package (https://github.com/dnnsof.../Dnn.Platform/tags)?

                  I appreciate your help

                  Best regars,

                  Andres Bolivar

                  Veteran Member

                    You should always follow the suggested upgrade path.

                    Beside that, you should upgrade in a testing environment first, and then go to production if that works.

                    And: there will be a session about upgrading DNN in this year's DNN Connect conference (and many other interesting sessions and workshops) - join! :-)

                    Happy DNNing!

                    Michael Tobisch

                    dnnWerk Austria
                    DNN Connect
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