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9.11.2 CKEditor Upload Issue

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New Around Here

    I recently upgraded from 9.10.2 to 9.11.2 and have an issue with uploading files using CKEditor.  When I select a file to upload and click "Send it to the Server" I get a JSON response where the choose file was.  In version 9.10.2 when you click Send it to the Server it would automatically take you back to Link Info with the URL filled out with the new file you uploaded.  I downloaded a fresh 9.11.2 install and tested on that with the same issue so I do not believe it is something specific to my build.  Any Ideas?  The file is getting uploaded but it is much less convenient to go back the Link Info and Browse Server when the previous functionality worked much better.


    Veteran Member

      Can you please find and post the error messages so we know what actually happened? This hasn't been reported to us by any of our clients, so it sounds like it might be something unique to your environment.

      New Around Here

        I wish I was getting an error message but I'm not getting any in the console or logs.  That is why I tried on a fresh install but still get the same issue.  The file is successfully uploading. Below is a copy of the response:

        {"uploaded": 1, "fileName": "button_1.png", "url": "/Portals/0/button_1.png"}

        Veteran Member

          Hmm... Did you check the Log4NET log files too, just in case?  This video will help you find them.  :)  


          Also, do you have any security in front of the website that might be helping to protect it, such as a firewall, CDN, and/or a WAF?  They might be getting in the way.  To determine this, you may want to use the Network tab in the Web Developer Tools to inspect the request and response for any additional error messages that might be occurring.  

          The following link will help you to how to inspect the requests and responses in your browser.  


          New Around Here

            Thanks for the suggestions.  Those logs did not show anything.  The fresh 9.11.2 I installed runs locally so that should rule out the WAF, SSL, or anything like that.

            Veteran Member

              Okay, well then it's a fixed issue.  That's great to know.  You should be able to upgrade to resolve this.  I'd recommend trying this first on a test/staging version of the website in the same environment first.  :) 

              New Around Here

                Not a fixed issue.  It is still an issue.  I can reproduce the issue on three 9.11.2 sites including a brand new fresh install.  I know CKEditor is a newer version and there were some additional plugins like easy-image added from 9.10.2 so perhaps that response type got changed or something else and it is not working for uploads from dialogs correctly.

                Veteran Member

                  There's a known issue with EasyImage, but when you also have an isuse with other images, please log that issue on Github.

                  Veteran Member

                    Here's a direct link for you to report bugs like this:  


                    New Around Here

                      Just to follow up my issue was resolved by having the response for the upload dialogs changed back to

                      this.Response.Write("<script type=\"text/javascript\">");
                      this.Response.Write(this.GetJsUploadCode(fileName, MapUrl(uploadPhysicalPath)));

                      Instead of just the JSON response for everything that was added in 9.11.1.  You still want to keep the JSON for dragging and dropping which adds the responseType=json

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