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1 Replies and 442 Views DDRMenu question     442 1 Started by amurraygbhu I have added the DDR Menu to all my website pages other than the home page.  I am wondering if there is a way to add a header on the top of the DDR menu that is custom created based on the top level menu items it falls under. So if your website has 3 main headers (Home, Main Page 1, Main Page 2) all the sub-pages under Main Page 2, no matter how far down they are, have a header that says something like "More on Main Page 2".
1 442
by Tycho de Waard (SU)Jump to last post
5/11/2023 1:46 PM
4 Replies and 688 Views Account Login Module issue     688 4 Started by amurraygbhu For some reason, when logging onto my main website the account login module is showing "Email Address" instead of "User name". The site is setup to use the user name and in fact you are required to enter the username as entering the email address doesn&39;t work. I have a child site on my server and for that site the Account Login Module is showing "Username".  Only difference between the two that I can see is the main site uses a seperate Login page whereas t...
4 688
by amurraygbhuJump to last post
4/27/2023 8:49 AM
1 Replies and 491 Views Displaying ATOM Feeds     491 1 Started by amurraygbhu I am trying to get ATOM feeds from Environment Canada website to display on my website. I am attempting to use the DNN Newsfeed module which works great for displaying RSS feeds. However it doesn&39;t appear that the module has any transformation files for transforming ATOM feeds. Anyone provide some assistance with this
1 491
by Will StrohlJump to last post
4/18/2023 9:39 PM
1 Replies and 514 Views Resource Manager     514 1 Started by anmol_parikh Dear Members, I am writing to request information on the Bulk Upload/Download option in Resource Manager and also if one can see the files & folder in tree View Structure. As a member of this community, I am interested in learning more about how this feature works and its benefits. Specifically, I am curious about how to access and use the Bulk Upload/Download option in Resource Manager. I would appreciate any information, tips, or resources that you can share on this topic. Thank y...
1 514
by Will StrohlJump to last post
4/18/2023 9:35 PM
31 Replies and 10048 Views DNN Specialists: Vendor is AWOL     10048 31 Started by Bob Manjoney
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From the DNN Store, I purchased the "Reservations Module" version 7.3 from the vendor "DNN Specialists" about a month ago. I immediately hit a few issues, and have reached out to the vendor via the store&39;s contact channel several times but I am not getting any responses. The vendor&39;s website redirects back to store.dnnsoftware.com. Furthermore, the Extensions report on my site indicates that a newer version of the module is available, however, there is seemingly ...
31 10048
by GafmanJump to last post
4/14/2023 10:27 AM
6 Replies and 1014 Views Newsfeed Module     1014 6 Started by amurraygbhu I have installed the NewFeed module for pulling RSS feeds. I now want to use it to pull an ATOM feed from Environment Canada, but it doesn&39;t seem to be working. Am I missing something Tried a couple of the feeds off this site but none work. SPAM LINK REMOVED BY MODERATOR.  THIS ACCOUNT IS BEING MONITORED. 
6 1014
by amurraygbhuJump to last post
3/31/2023 8:24 AM
2 Replies and 511 Views Resource Manager - deleting files     511 2 Started by Jeff Frick Yesterday I selected multiple files to delete using Resource Manager. DNN v. 09.11.01 It not only deleted the files but also deleted the entire CCimages folder. I was able to restore the folder but it didn&39;t appear in Resource Manager. I added a folder with the same name of the one I restored and the folder along with the files it contained appeared. This morning I attempted to remove some more files from a different folder named Census, and the confirmation dialog box listed the fold...
2 511
by Timo Breumelhof (40F)Jump to last post
3/30/2023 2:30 AM
1 Replies and 445 Views Article module with newsletter functionality     445 1 Started by Willem We are looking for an article module that has the option to send an article (as newsletter) to a list of subscribers DNNgo xBlog can do this but we are looking for a better alternative. Any options  
1 445
by Mariette Knap (SU)Jump to last post
3/28/2023 3:32 PM
4 Replies and 680 Views Core Modules     680 4 Started by lirving I upgraded to 9.11.1 when i look at the extensions list there are a number of upgraded modules listed eg. I have events module 7.07 it says 8.03 is available . When i click the link it gos back to the upgrade page on the dnn site where I can download DNN but no modules available on that page. I found a link in the old forums but it only has two year old modules, the same versions I already have installed. It is quite frustrating in such a good system to see that updated modules are...
4 680
by Michael TobischJump to last post
3/28/2023 12:33 AM
5 Replies and 859 Views Resource Manager - upload file types     859 5 Started by Jeff Frick Error: &39;.JPG&39; is not of a type that is allowed to be uploaded I receive the above error when attemping to upload a jpg file. I recently upgraded to v.09.11.00 (with the removal of telerik option)
5 859
by Jeff FrickJump to last post
3/7/2023 10:35 AM
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