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Error when trying to change website language

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    When I try to change the website’s default language (under Website Settings > Languages) from de-DE to en-US, I get the error pop-up “Settings could not be saved. Try again later” (or similar; translated from German).

    I don’t have any localized content on the site, and all users use the website’s default language. My DNN version is 9.1.1.

    What am I doing wrong?

    Growing Member

      Was localization enabled at one point? Because that causes the default language to be unchangable. Or at least not via the UI

      New Around Here

        Hi Tycho,

        thanks for your response! I didn’t activate content localization explicitly. I created the site with the website assistant – don’t know what the assistant does by default. Anyway, in the database table “PortalSettings” there is a setting “ContentLocalizationEnabled”, which is set to False for my portal.

        I tried to change the portal’s default language in the database table “Portals”, but without success. Both values “en-US” and “” (empty string) caused a runtime exception.

        Anyway, I worked around my current problem  by setting the admin’s language to the desired value. I. e. I won’t have to investigate further.

        For others who run into this issue, I found the blog article “Changing the DNN default language” (https://www.40fingers.net...N-default-language), which may help to understand the DNN localization (seems to be not that simple...).


        Veteran Member

          Was about to point you to that article :-) And yes, it's not that simple. That's why the contentlocalization is hidden and armed with warnings. Somehow, I find myself always choosing the en-us as the default language. Even when the site will only be in Dutch.
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            Posted By m.kamp on 24 Oct 2019 04:49 AM

            For others who run into this issue, I found the blog article “Changing the DNN default language” (https://www.40fingers.net...N-default-language), which may help to understand the DNN localization (seems to be not that simple...).

            The basics are not that difficult, but the fexibility makes that the edit interface is not simple, which is also waht the blog post is about.
            The main "issue" is that some modules can either be translatabel or not meaning that DNN needs to handle 2 scenario's:
            having the same module on the corresponding EN-DE-NL pages (where that module show the correct language data), or have a separate instance of a (not translatabel ) module on each page.


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