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9.4 Post Upgrade Issue - Users Panel - stored proc missing - dbo.PersonaBar_GetUsersBySearchTerm missing

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    I've recently upgraded from v9.3.2 to version 9.4 and have had experienced a few issues since the upgrade.  This one here is as follows:

    When logged in as a superuser and going to the PersonaBar Users panal, the following error is presented:

    Could not find stored procedure: 'dbo.PersonaBar_GetUsersBySearchTerm'

    This stored procedure isn't in the database.  I checked the source code and the stored procedure doesn't exist in 9.4.  It did in 9.2. 
    Sooo, it seems as though the upgrade is using/an older version of one of the DLLs.

    I've re-installed the persona bar and the personal bar extension, restarted the app. It still gives the same error though. 

    I've also taken the DNN DLLs from a fresh v9.4 and copied them over top the bin folder fo the instance that has been upgraded from 9.32 to 9.4.  It still produces the same error.

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    New Around Here
      I managed to fix my site by uninstalling the PersonaBar.Extensions and then reinstalling them. That wasn't an easy task though as the unistall of the PersonaBar.Extensions removed the modules, (near all of them) from the persona bar itself. Especially the Extensions module through which you'd normally install/upgrade a module.

      You'll need FTP access to your site.

      1. Before uninstalling the PersonaBar.Extensions, backup your database!
      2. Have a copy of the PersonalBar.Extensions install package ready. You can find this in the upgrade package at: DNN_Platform_9.4.0_Upgrade\Install\Module\Dnn.PersonaBar.Extensions_03.00.00_Install.zip.
      3. From the Extensions tab, change the drop down to the PersonalBar.
      4. Check the checkbox to remove the files, then uninstall it, Now, I found I basically didn't have any administration capability.
      5. FTP the install file to the /install/modules folder.
      6. You may also need to ftp 2 more files to the /install folder: install.aspx and DotNetNuke.install.config.resources. In my instance, these were not there, so I needed to replace them.
      7. Next, in a browser, go to http://mysite/install/ins...de=installresources.

      NOTE: If needed, you could copy in all the 9.4 install modules to re-install them all.
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      Veteran Member

        Thanks for the update.
        For anyone who does not have this issue yet: I would wait for DNN 9.4.1 to upgrade

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        New Around Here

          I was experiencing this issue after upgrading to 9.4.4 from 9.2(i think). The solution posted by Dave Madison fixed it!
          Thank you so much Dave!!!

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