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CKEditor No Longer Displays RichTextBox After Upgrading to DNN 9.12.0

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    We recently upgrade all our websites to th dnn 9.12.0. After this, the HTML module no longer displays the richtext/WYSIWYG editor. Also, all modules that use the CKEditor no longer displays the richtext/wysiwyg editor. Completely at a loss as to what may be causing this issue.

    A fresh install of dnn 9.12.0 does not have this issue.

    Any advice or help in this matter would appreciated.

    Thank you.

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      What version did you upgrade from? Does the radio button/drop down menu show to toggle between Rich Text Editor and Basic Text Box?

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        This probably won't help... but

        I have a number of sites that sit on a single DNN platform (currently at 9.11.00 (46)) also all of the sites are using variants of a skin (that allow different colours) but essentially same. 2 of the 28 sites have an issue with the editor in that they will not display the WYSIWYG icons etc. I have to edit in another portal and copy the formatted text across as Source.

        My sites are effectively "out of the box" with two modules, the included Reports module and the purchased Datasprings Dynamic Forms (which is brilliant) the latter also exhibits the inability to show the RichText format if I use the HTML option for a question..

        I've also checked to make sure that permissions for the editor are not restricted the number of icons, but this does make me think I wonder if there is some hidden setting somewhere that is overriding local.

        I'll see if I can run something in SQL that may expose this :-)

        Now you have forewarned us I will follow best practice and do some offline tests before upgrading in a live environent, although I can replicate my platform on the same live environment and assign a number of portal alliases to run a "live" test.

        If you find the solution / cause please share :-)









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          Maybe you want to try log an error on the issue section on GitHub, https://github.com/dnnsof...Dnn.Platform/issues.

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            This kind of sounds like a permissions issue in the application pool and/or the folder hosting the files.  That's the only time I've run into this in the past.  You need to be sure that dynamic (code) is running under the (correct) user account in the IIS application pool, and that static files (e.g., js, CSS, images, etc.) are correctly being served out using the anonymous user account.  The accounts that you're using greatly depend on your hosting environment and how it's configured, but in many newer environments, you may be missing the Users and/or IUSR account(s). 

            However, if you're not sure about how to correctly configure this, I'd suggest you err on the side of caution and contact the support team for your hosting environment.   

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              When this happened to me, it was fixed by removing the ExtraPlugins entries 'Editor Config' in 'Custom Editor Options', which reset it to the default settings of 'dnnpages,wordcount,notifications'
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