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Our Own DNN Community Website

Every journey begins with the first step.

Great things are coming! This website is a 100% community-driven effort intended to provide all the technical resources a DNN user needs to be successful.


I want to help! :)

Community Site

This effort was born from an initial desire to restructure the message of the dnnsoftware.com website to be more marketing-centric and less technical in nature (in progress!). As such, many of the technical resources found on the .com site may eventually live here instead. We have taken some clues from other open source projects to lay out a basic framework.

What you see now is just the barebones starting point and we expect it evolve quickly, but we need your help! We need champions to take the lead and spearhead the different parts of this site. If you have a passion for DNN and the drive to help make a difference, we need you!

If you don't see something that you think should be included in this site, please let us know what is missing or you would like to see. It is by no means complete or locked down.

Take a look around and find an area that you find interesting. If you are passionate about DNN, this is your opportunity to get involved and make a difference.

Would you like to help? You don't need to be a developer. We need all kinds of help from all backgrounds and skill sets.

Latest activity

Michael Tobischreplied to: RE: 404 error


I guess the behaviour is a bit different - see this thread from the old Questions page.

I think the SEO Redirect Module from 40fingers can...

1 minute ago

Michael Tobischreplied to: RE: How to find login username and password

To give my two cents: You can get the usernames from a table in the database ("Users"), but passwords are normally hashed, so chances are bad to get t...

7 minutes ago

Michael Tobischreplied to: RE: Access Files

There is a concept of "Secure" folders, if you use that, the file is only available by a handler (LinkClick.aspx) and you are able to restrict the per...

17 minutes ago

Timo Breumelhofreplied to: RE: CKEditor removing tags

Ok, it looks like this is an issue in DNN 9.9.0 https://github.com/dnnsoftware/Dnn.Platform/issues/4620

33 minutes ago

mbakrcreated the topic: Access Files

have PDF files uploaded to my DNN needs to secured

46 minutes ago

David Fenskereplied to: RE: All settings modules getting opened full-screen

Thanks, Sebastian! I see that now. The apparently duplicated settings for DefaultAdminSkin and DefaultPortalSkin were exactly that - one with en-us cu...

17 hours ago

Sebastian Leupoldreplied to: RE: How to find login username and password

superuser name and password should be provided to you by your client. there is an option to register a new account and grant superuser status using t...

20 hours ago

Sebastian Leupoldreplied to: RE: Reset Passwords emails

you need to make sure, the SMTP Server you are using (specified in DNN server settings) is recognized as secure server by your receiving mail server a...

20 hours ago

Timo Breumelhofcreated the topic: Open Content release 4.6.0

Sacha just released Open Content 4.6.0
This Structured Content module for DNNCMS got even better.
A lot of additions and fixes in the release;


21 hours ago

Timo Breumelhofreplied to: RE: CKEditor removing tags

Posted By Britta Gainey II on 19 Apr 2021 01:54 AM

thanks for your feedback and also for your blog post that I had read and followed before....

21 hours ago

John Acreated the topic: 404 error

404 Error issue

21 hours ago

Brian Dukesreplied to: RE: Find backend/cms link

example.com/login or example.com/?ctl=login should work for a standard login. If those doesn't work, there's something overriding the DNN logi...

22 hours ago

TechieMDreplied to: RE: DNN Authentication and displaying other non-ASP.net content

Thanks -- are there DNN developers available to hire for the more secure authentication approach?

How much would such an approach be expected to co...

23 hours ago

Mike Cartyreplied to: RE: Reset Passwords emails

Thank you for the reply, this is the message I get when I sent one to myself:

23 hours ago

MALIcreated the topic: How to find login username and password

I want to get username and password for dnn

1 day ago

MALIreplied to: RE: Find backend/cms link

I could not find login link to the CMS.

We all Know that DNN is a CMS. each CMS must have login. For example wordpress has default


1 day ago

Ben Santiardoreplied to: RE: DNN Specialists: Vendor is AWOL


Were you one of those affected by the Managed.com attack that took down their services last November? I heard a lot of people in the DNN world...

1 day ago

Joe Craigreplied to: RE: Reset Passwords emails

How are the emails being sent. Is there something in the mail headers that causes the emails to be treated as spam when they are received?

1 day ago

iJungleboy2sxc 11.20 with VisualQuery3 and REST Awesomeness

Love Low-Code solutions? This big release is for you! VisualQuery3 makes drag-drop data flow a breeze to develop and debug, and the new REST guidance will get your JSON APIs going in less than 5 minutes. 

1 day ago

Mike Cartycreated the topic: Reset Passwords emails

All of my reset password emails are going to spam - anything I can do to fix that? 

1 day ago

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