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Our Own DNN Community Website

Every journey begins with the first step.

Great things are coming! This website is a 100% community-driven effort intended to provide all the technical resources a DNN user needs to be successful.


I want to help! :)

Community Site

This effort was born from an initial desire to restructure the message of the dnnsoftware.com website to be more marketing-centric and less technical in nature (in progress!). As such, many of the technical resources found on the .com site may eventually live here instead. We have taken some clues from other open source projects to lay out a basic framework.

What you see now is just the barebones starting point and we expect it evolve quickly, but we need your help! We need champions to take the lead and spearhead the different parts of this site. If you have a passion for DNN and the drive to help make a difference, we need you!

If you don't see something that you think should be included in this site, please let us know what is missing or you would like to see. It is by no means complete or locked down.

Take a look around and find an area that you find interesting. If you are passionate about DNN, this is your opportunity to get involved and make a difference.

Would you like to help? You don't need to be a developer. We need all kinds of help from all backgrounds and skill sets.

Latest activity

Declan Wardreplied to: RE: MailKitMailProvider error

Problem solved.  I discovered that the IIS SMTP Virtual Server was stopped

2 hours ago

Sebastian Leupoldreplied to: RE: Social group create event notification

I am glad you were able to fix it. Maybe, you should offer your client a general permission audit of all page, module and folder permission, as unexpe...

4 hours ago

Henrik Spang-Hanssenreplied to: RE: Social group create event notification

The Auto assignment is turned off as default and for the particular group in question, but your question helped me find the setting that caused the un...

4 hours ago

Sebastian Leupoldreplied to: RE: MailKitMailProvider error

Which TLS version are you using? Older version 1.0 and 1.1 are usually blocked due to security concerns and should be disabled https://social.techne...

5 hours ago

Declan Wardcreated the topic: MailKitMailProvider error

The client and server cannot communicate, because they do not possess a common algorithm

5 hours ago

Amy Slonereplied to: RE: Test-Environment upgraded to 9.8, Doubled Controls in persona bar

Help the client upgrade from 9.2 to 9. I did not encounter any problems with PVWA and CreateCredFile. They may be specific to your upgrade path, but I...

7 hours ago

Kristian Radoloviccreated the topic: Skin object

Is it possible to have multiple moduleControls in a skin object as in a regular module?
If the answer is yes, how do i declare those controls in the ...

10 hours ago

Slipsareplied to: RE: Error posting text with specific word

Unfortunately nothing, this is all I get in database containing word format: http://prntscr.com/12k7xvl

13 hours ago

Joe Craigreplied to: RE: When to upgrade?

I think I have done every possible combination going from 9.6.1 to 9.9.1. The result was always the same: no problems.

15 hours ago

Sebastian Leupoldreplied to: RE: Social group create event notification

AFAIK, messages are sent out only, if users become member of a group. Are you automatically include all users into the new roles?

17 hours ago

Sebastian Leupoldreplied to: RE: When to upgrade?

I don't see a problem upgrading from DNN 9.6.1 to 9.8.1 or 9.9.x directly. Please read release notes carefully and, for the safety of your sites, fol...

17 hours ago

Roy Changreplied to: RE: Creating new site in version 9.4.4

Thanks very much. I will try that.



20 hours ago

Tom Melkonianreplied to: RE: When to upgrade?

Thanks both for your responses - I do have test versions of both sites and always test upgrading there before attempting to upgrade the production sit...

21 hours ago

Michael Tobischreplied to: RE: When to upgrade?

Tom, the question "When to upgrade?" is definitely to be answered by "As soon as possible". But when it is possible? You should upgrade the site...

1 day ago

Henrik Spang-Hanssencreated the topic: Social group create event notification

According to users of DNN 9.8 website notifications send to registereded users upon social group create event has been added recently

1 day ago

Slipsareplied to: RE: Error posting text with specific word

I have only one custom built module but I tried with DNN's HTML module too and the same thing happens.

1 day ago

Joe Craigreplied to: RE: When to upgrade?

upgrading the 9.1.1 site will certainly be the most difficult. So, update the others, it should be quite painless. Then go back and do the hard on...

1 day ago

Tom Melkoniancreated the topic: When to upgrade?

When should I upgrade DNN (currently running 9.6.1)

2 days ago

Ken Creplied to: RE: DNN.Platform build error

I was just implying that many of the build tools required for the nvQuickThemes are required to be installed for building DNN.

I followed the instr...

2 days ago

Timo Breumelhofreplied to: RE: DNN.Platform build error

Posted By Ken C on 03 May 2021 08:15 AM
That video is gone and this awesome series is incomplete https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLMIHzZErrX693...

3 days ago

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