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Our Own DNN Community Website

Every journey begins with the first step.

Great things are coming! This website is a 100% community-driven effort intended to provide all the technical resources a DNN user needs to be successful.


I want to help! :)

Community Site

This effort was born from an initial desire to restructure the message of the dnnsoftware.com website to be more marketing-centric and less technical in nature (in progress!). As such, many of the technical resources found on the .com site may eventually live here instead. We have taken some clues from other open source projects to lay out a basic framework.

What you see now is just the barebones starting point and we expect it evolve quickly, but we need your help! We need champions to take the lead and spearhead the different parts of this site. If you have a passion for DNN and the drive to help make a difference, we need you!

If you don't see something that you think should be included in this site, please let us know what is missing or you would like to see. It is by no means complete or locked down.

Take a look around and find an area that you find interesting. If you are passionate about DNN, this is your opportunity to get involved and make a difference.

Would you like to help? You don't need to be a developer. We need all kinds of help from all backgrounds and skill sets.

Latest activity

Joe Craigreplied to: RE: Upgrade from DNN 9.03.02 to 9.05.00 GetSkin error

What version of .NET? Did you look at log4net files?

2 hours ago

Joe Craigreplied to: RE: Upgrade from DNN 9.03.02 to 9.05.00 GetSkin error

Are you using a custom skin?

2 hours ago

Luke replied to: RE: KendoUI



Or is there better controls that do not require newer jQery?



3 hours ago

Andrei Comanreplied to: RE: Upgrade from DNN 9.03.02 to 9.05.00 GetSkin error

Hi Joe, 

Thank you for your response. The site is not loading, even the login.aspx page gave this 500 internal server error. I can n...

3 hours ago

Joe Craigreplied to: RE: Upgrade from DNN 9.03.02 to 9.05.00 GetSkin error

This possibly could indicate a skin problem. Assuming that the site loads, try creating a new page and assigning it an Xcillion page. If that work...

4 hours ago

Andrei Comancreated the topic: Upgrade from DNN 9.03.02 to 9.05.00 GetSkin error

I have this error when the wesite is loading:
Object reference not set to an instance of an object.
     at DotNetNuk...

7 hours ago

Cmisreplied to: RE: Upgrade to 9.5.0 Build error

Not to worry...Projects were not targetting .NET 4.7.2



8 hours ago

John Stewartreplied to: RE: DNN 8.0.4 and Telerik Upgrade

Just in case the information is of use to any other DNN users it is possible to upgrade DNN 8.0.4 to Telerik R3 2017 (version 2017.3.913)


8 hours ago

Brian Dukesreplied to: RE: Integrating Dropzone - Reference Issue

Notice that in the error message it indicates the error is "in '/desktopmodules/mvc/DropzoneHandler' Application", meaning that a separate application...

9 hours ago

Naviloisreplied to: RE: Integrating Dropzone - Reference Issue


' Copyright (c) 2020 Wiremayr.com
'  All rights reserved.

12 hours ago

Naviloiscreated the topic: Integrating Dropzone - Reference Issue

Reference Errors to unrelated dlls - DNN, Hotcakes, Dropzone

13 hours ago

Cmiscreated the topic: Upgrade to 9.5.0 Build error

The type 'PortalModuleBase' is defined in an assembly that is not referenced - after upgrade

14 hours ago

Tejalreplied to: RE: Import site to DNN Platform 8.0


We have intsall the DNN Platform version 9.3.2 and imported the roles and users from DNN Evoq Basic 9.1.1.

And suddenly the html contnent an...

2 days ago

Michael Tobischreplied to: RE: Validator errormessage is not displayed

It seems that there is too less place to display the error message for the first form field - after adding a header (h2) above the form, the message i...

2 days ago

Patrick Mreplied to: RE: SQL Server 2014 Restore failure

If doing a restore to a different SQL Server (not the one backed up) e.g., restoring a staging SQL Server db to production SQL Server db or the other ...

3 days ago

Simon D.created the topic: Onyaktech


Sorry but I didn't know how to have the information.

Do you know if Chris Onyak (Onyaktech) is still working on DNN modules ?


3 days ago

Mitchel Sellersreplied to: RE: DNN 9.5 claims version 10 of several modules

This is due to the way that the update service works and the fact that 10.x betas are out. I'm working on a change for the Update Service to try and ...

3 days ago

Mitchel Sellersreplied to: RE: DNN 9.4.1 Error

That looks like a custom module that is trying to register the same route more than once, which will cause issues

3 days ago

Mitchel Sellersreplied to: RE: RC 9.5.1 Testing

Thank you so much for helping us with the testing cycle Cody!

3 days ago

Mitchel Sellersreplied to: RE: Any one face any kind of bug after updating the dnn 9.5.x

All reported bugs are logged in GitHub. If you have a specific issue please post details and we can work to assist.

3 days ago