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DNN Connect 2019

Champèry, Switzerland

Our Own DNN Community Website

Every journey begins with the first step.

Great things are coming! This website is a 100% community-driven effort intended to provide all the technical resources a DNN user needs to be successful.


I want to help! :)

Community Site

This effort was born from an initial desire to restructure the message of the dnnsoftware.com website to be more marketing-centric and less technical in nature (in progress!). As such, many of the technical resources found on the .com site may eventually live here instead. We have taken some clues from other open source projects to lay out a basic framework.

What you see now is just the barebones starting point and we expect it evolve quickly, but we need your help! We need champions to take the lead and spearhead the different parts of this site. If you have a passion for DNN and the drive to help make a difference, we need you!

If you don't see something that you think should be included in this site, please let us know what is missing or you would like to see. It is by no means complete or locked down.

Take a look around and find an area that you find interesting. If you are passionate about DNN, this is your opportunity to get involved and make a difference.

Would you like to help? You don't need to be a developer. We need all kinds of help from all backgrounds and skill sets.

Latest activity

Jeffreplied to: RE: Clickable links in DNN 9 journal

Posted By Reto Cossalter on 17 Jun 2019 05:21 AM
Hi Jeff
I just tried on a vanilla install of DNN 9.3.2 and added the link to this forum post withou...

1 minute ago

Rob Greinkecreated the topic: Insert PDF auto fill

New to DNN as a administrator (do not code) trying to find a way in 9.3.2 to insert a PDF auto fill form and have it emailed back when completed.

42 minutes ago

Will Strohl (SU) commented on DNN Community Website: Structured Content Management Options

Great job putting this all together, David. Thank you so much for your continued effort and dedication to the DNN ecosystem! :)

1 hour ago

David PoindexterDNN Community Website: Structured Content Management Options

<p>In this session, we covered some of the new structured content solutions put in place to handle content on the new DNN Community website (https://dnncommunity.org).</p>

1 day ago

Carl Mreplied to: RE: Evoq 9.3 and Azure

I tried one more time - scaled dtus to max. The install made it all the way to the last step, creating host credentials and then I had to click the re...

1 day ago

Timo Breumelhof (SU)replied to: RE: Email notifications

Hmm, I do:

1 day ago

Timo Breumelhof (SU)replied to: RE: Managing a number of sites: how can I make things easier?

We have an exe that allows you to execute sql against all installations on a server, but it's very much an internal tool far from ready for release in...

1 day ago

EPTreplied to: RE: Managing a number of sites: how can I make things easier?

PolyDeploy for roll-out, I just want to gather info, where the application sites are responsible for sending the info the central admin site

I trie...

1 day ago

EPTreplied to: RE: Email notifications

Well, AFAICS, I do not have a checkbox?

1 day ago

Timo Breumelhof (SU)replied to: RE: Modifying Upgrade CSS Files

I guess you named your files differently? Or did you remove files? In that case you also need to bring the manifest of the installer package in syn...

1 day ago

Timo Breumelhof (SU)replied to: RE: Domain donations

Will, any idea why you seem to always post twice? Must be something with duplicate accounts or something alike?

1 day ago

Scottcreated the topic: Modifying Upgrade CSS Files

Modifying Upgrade CSS Files

1 day ago

Tycho de Waard (SU)replied to: RE: HTTP 500 Error

Hi Neil, 1. Yes, you needed to re-register for this new forum. Exporting-importing from the .com website had some legal restrictions that could not...

1 day ago

Timo Breumelhof (SU)replied to: RE: HTTP 500 Error

Posted By neil on 19 Jun 2019 03:39 AM

This is a continuation from the previous forum. I  had to re-register on this new forum - is this corre...

1 day ago

Timo Breumelhof (SU)replied to: RE: Styling forum

BTW, I noticed that the quotes are not very readable ATM when editing. This improves that: .cke_editable blockquote{ padding:0.5em 1em; margin:0...

1 day ago

neilcreated the topic: HTTP 500 Error

Cannot get started - environment?

1 day ago

Will Strohl (SU)replied to: RE: DotNetNuke-7 Module

In most cases, you actually don't want to be able to see your source code on the server. In fact, depending on what you're deploying, you absolutely ...

1 day ago

Will Strohl (SU)replied to: RE: Styling forum

That's a great idea, and I think Timo is already a few steps ahead of you. He approached me about this a few days ago.

1 day ago

Daniel Valadasreplied to: RE: DotNetNuke-7 Module

Also, you may run into some issues if you install both the source and install packages since code lives in both source and compiled versions.

1 day ago

Chris Hammondreplied to: RE: DotNetNuke-7 Module

Sounds like you are deploying the INSTALL package of the module, NOT the SOURCE package. The INSTALL package is typically compiled into a DLL and that...

1 day ago