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Upgrading from 7.4.2 to latest 9.11.0

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New Around Here

New Around Here

    due to security issues, I need to upgrade my portals from DNN 7.4.2 to the latest version, at now 9.11.0.
    Over the years I have developed many plugins and components, I would like to know what the correct roadmap is to perform an upgrade as painless as possible. :-)

    Thanks all!!

    New Around Here

    New Around Here


      I have this saved as a favourite as it does get updated


      and in line with other recommendations move to ASP.NET 4.8 (or newer)

      AND ABOVE ALL make sure you take file and database backups.

      If you can then test on a local PC

      I would use nvquicksite to install at the version you are already at and set a site alias of your current primary site to be the one created by the nvquicksite e.g Nov032022.dnndev.me, you'll need IIS locally.

      Hope this helps






      New Around Here

      New Around Here

        I had to upgrade from v7.1.1 to 9.10.1 (and will go onto v9.11 later) but I found that I had to go through the following steps (other than the usual backups etc. to allow for rollbacks when steps failed):

        Upgrade to 8.0.4
        then 9.0.2
        then upgrade the DNN IFrame module to 8.1.3
        delete Microsoft.WindowsAzure.Storage.dll from bin folder before next upgrade.
        then 9.6.1
        then 9.10.1

        And, this broke a number of our custom modules, particular any that referenced DNN API roles, or module folders.
        It also broken our themes, which made use of the DDR Menu object from 10 pound Gorilla.
        Note: our website had the added complication that we use both AD authentication and forms authentication.

        Hopefully you'll have better luck!

        Veteran Member

        Veteran Member

          Due to how flexible and configurable DNN is, there isn't always a clear path that works the same for every DNN website.  Depending on the custom modules and other extensions you might have, you may find yourself taking different steps from another site that appears to be the same.  

          In general, the steps I'm suggesting are covered in the following resources:  

          The path I see for you with the details provided are:  

          1. Upgrade/load a new development environment for your custom extensions using DNN Platform 9.2.2.  Rebuild your custom extensions and make any necessary API updates (warnings and errors).  Increase their versions and have that build ready for later.  
          2. Identify all third-party extensions and find their latest installation packages.  You may need to pay for an upgrade (it's always worth it).  Have these packages ready. 
          3. Clear out your Install folders.  
          4. Back up the website and database now, and again after every upgrade step.  
          5. If necessary/possible, upgrade all possible third-party/custom extensions.  
          6. Upgrade DNN to 09.08.xx.  
          7. Repeat backups and extension installs, as necessary.  
          8. Upgrade DNN to 09.02.02.
          9. Repeat backups and extension installs, as necessary. 
          10. Upgrade DNN to 09.09.01. 
          11. Repeat backups and extension installs, as necessary. 
          12. Upgrade DNN to 9.10.02.   
          13. Repeat backups and extension installs, as necessary. 
          14. (Optional) Upgrade DNN to 09.11.00 (but I'd wait for 09.11.01).  
          15. (Optional) Repeat backups and extension installs, as necessary.  

          Follow the typical upgrade process for each version, but as you test this locally, be sure to note which versions you find you need to upgrade which extensions.  Usually, you upgrade the extensions at the soonest possible version prior to upgrading DNN.  So, you may find you need to upgrade many of them right away.  Others might have to wait until after DNN 9.2 or 9.6 (or another version).  

          Will Strohl

          Upendo Ventures DNN experts since 2003
          Official provider of the DNN-based E-Commerce w/ Hotcakes Commerce Cloud and SLA support
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