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Login Module Missing

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    This site was at DNN 7.2.2. It has a page with a Account Login module on it and this page is set in site settings as the login page. The page is named "Login" (changed later)

    The problem is that, after upgrading to the upgrade wizard logs me out of the site when it is finished. When I visit the login page, the page opens but there is no Account Login module on the page that I can see. The page is empty and white. Therefore  I cannot log in to continue working with the site. I need to upgrade it all the way to the latest. I have good backups so I can restore and start over. Here are the things I have already tried (In addition to a lot of searching and reading)

    • Renamed the login page to something else before upgrading.
    • Changed the skin and container to Gravity and removed all other modules from the login page before upgrading.
    • upgraded to 7.4.2 before going on to 8.0.4. The login page works fine in 7.4.2, but not in 8.0.4
    • Installed Action Form module before upgrading and put it on a new page and configured it to function as a login module so that there would be an alternate login path. This part is interesting, after upgrading to DNN 8.0.4, the action form login module is also missing from it's page. It seems like something does not want a login module to show.
    • There was some evidence of hacking before starting. I ran the Security Analyzer. It identified just 3 files that should not have been there and I deleted them. The DNN files were not flagged as having been tampered with.
    • I did install the Teleric fix from 2017. But have not unistalled the RAD Editor yet.
    • On one attempt, I did upgrade all the way to DNN 9.4.1, which seemed to go well. But the login module still does not appear. I still could not log in.

    I would appreciate any help getting the login module to work. Thank you for your thoughts and ideas.

    Basic Member

    Basic Member

      This problem was resolved by logging in successfully into an alternate portal on the same DNN install with the host credentials. And then used the Host option, "Manage Sites" to edit the site settings of the afflicted site. Then I changed the default edit theme to a built-in DNN theme and container. After that the login module appears normally. So it appears that the problem was the theme or the container used for site editing. This also reminds me that having a second portal comes in handy sometimes for troubleshooting.
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