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10 Replies and 319 Views Install custom module on dnn 9.3.2  319  10 Started by  Ravindu
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Any ideas where to dig from when every extension install is ending to this: An unknown error has occurred. Please check your installation zip file and try again. Common issues with bad installation files: Zip file size is too large, check your IIS settings for max upload file size. Missing resources in the zip file. Invalid files in the package. File extension is not .zip. Check that you are logged in. I have installed this module on my local environment it works perfectly...
10 319
by  Joe CraigJump to last post
18 Oct 2021 06:09 PM
1 Replies and 22 Views Links module - which version to use with DNN 9.9.1?  22  1 Started by  Tom Melkonian Hi - I just upgraded our website to DNN 9.9.1, and running Links version 7.0.1. We&39;ve seen some issues with user files permissions in the Links module, and I&39;m wondering if I should upgrade Links.  I see that there are newer versions (7.0.4 and 8.0.0) at GitHub, but don&39;t see anywhere which version to use with DNN 9.9.1. Does anyone know Thank you Tom
1 22
by  Tycho de Waard (SU)Jump to last post
18 Oct 2021 02:45 PM
0 Replies and 16 Views How to anonymous method controller  16  0 Started by  progmr Hi, I need to implement two method (one System.Web.Mvc.HttpGet and System.Web.Mvc.HttpPost) than allow anonymous. My actual code is     public class SpidController : DnnController     {         private ILog Log = LoggerSource.Instance.GetLogger(typeof(SpidController));         &91;AllowAnonymous&93;         &91;HttpGet&93;         public string SpidCallback(string data) ...
0 16
18 Oct 2021 11:41 AM
0 Replies and 36 Views Getting 404 Trying accessing modules through API  36  0 Started by  M Dev When trying to access some methods in DNN modules exposed in API, I am getting 404 on some AJAX calls. Those methods accepting parameters and the issue is happening when user does not provide those parameters in the request. And more confusing is that this is not a persistence behavior! Is there any changes in routing logic Any idea Example: &91;HttpGet&93; public HttpResponseMessage FormatName(string firstName, string lastName) {…}
0 36
15 Oct 2021 04:56 PM
1 Replies and 90 Views forDNN.UsersExportImport_v.01.02.06  90  1 Started by  John A Hello, I am just being lazy and wondering if someone knows is this module will update users from old User ID. For example,  I just did a test on over 4000 users on my dev machine - it worked, but I forgot a column ie..fax number - uhg:( So now I dont want to mess up my dev machine - if I have another csv with the olduserid and fax number - will it update users and add fax number
1 90
by  forDNNJump to last post
13 Oct 2021 04:13 AM
2 Replies and 203 Views Simple PDF-Viewer and a Flippingbook-Module for DNN  203  2 Started by  Curry Hello DNN-community, 1) Which PDF-Viewers for "DNN Platform" would you advice I search for a simple lighweight PDF-Viewer that can display a PDF in DNN in a new browser tab and has a zoom function. Both cost-free and non cost-free modules are of interest. 2) I also search for a more complicated module - a Flippingbook (german Blätterkatalog). It should be able to display a ready Flippingbook (a collection of HTML- and Javascript-files). Or it should create a Flippingbook su...
2 203
by  John AJump to last post
04 Oct 2021 09:19 AM
8 Replies and 306 Views Persona Bar Customization  306  8 Started by  [email protected] Is there a way to set the default folder for the Asset module on the Persona Bar  Either at the user level or for the whole portal. Thanks, Scott    
8 306
by  Michael TobischJump to last post
04 Oct 2021 08:49 AM
3 Replies and 163 Views Basic DNN FAQ Module  163  3 Started by  tornadoali Link here: https://github.com/DNNCommunity/DNN.Faq I realize that&39;s a bit specific, but my sysAdmin won&39;t install it unless I can find out. The latest release of the FAQ module on the DNN Community site is 5.4.2 and in their documentation they mention it will work with DNN8 and up, but it was only tested up to DNN 9.2.2. I can&39;t find anywhere on the module/Github page where you can ask questions, so asking here! Edit: typo
3 163
by  tornadoaliJump to last post
27 Sep 2021 08:27 AM
4 Replies and 261 Views Documents Module ver. 8.3.1  261  4 Started by  njhvidberg After an upgrade to DNN ver 9.10.1 my Documents module do not work (Error: 2010 is not available) I&39;ll try to upgrade the Documents module, but where do i find the new version 8.3.1 The Extensions page suggest this version, but the link (http://dnndocuments.dotnetnuke.com/) does not work. I have a lot of documents and i dont want to spend months to try to restore all of them.
4 261
by  njhvidbergJump to last post
18 Sep 2021 12:45 PM
2 Replies and 212 Views How to create shared utility class  212  2 Started by  M. Erler Can someone help me to understand how to create a utility class that can be used by any module on a site by importing it into a modlue&39;s controller class  It doesn&39;t need to be a full module itself.  It&39;s purpose will be to provide some custom utility functionality.  I figure that it&39;s probably easy to accomplish.  I searched Youtube and the Internet for a tutorial but didn&39;t find anything.  Thanks.
2 212
by  M. ErlerJump to last post
31 Aug 2021 10:45 AM
You are not authorized to create a new topic
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