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0 Replies and 4 Views Writing tothe Admin log  4  0 Started by  Duncan Ion Hi, I&39;m trying to trace down a peculiar bug... works on the dev system and not on the operational! In orer to do this, I&39;d like to write various object contents, messages etc to the Admin log, &91;I have no debug capability on the Operational machine&93; How do I do that Tried using Dim _ObjEventLog = New LogController ... and that didn&39;t appear to work... Any suggestions With regards, Duncan.
0 4
10 Apr 2020 11:22 AM
3 Replies and 145 Views DNN 9.5 Skin Short codes are behaving badly  145  3 Started by  Matt C I am having substantial difficulty with short codes being altered by the DNN editor upon save/reload. It&39;s a brand new DNN 9.5 installation running locally. I have done the recommended changes to the CK Editor config as recommended in the documentation. I&39;ve tried also to go back to default editor configuration, nothing seems to help. Is anyone else experiencing this issue For what it&39;s worth, my editor ProtectedSource looks like this after removing the elements recommended in...
3 145
by  Matt CJump to last post
07 Apr 2020 09:55 AM
3 Replies and 256 Views Google Throwing Error While using DNN Breadcrum  256  3 Started by  Rashid Bilgrami Hi,  I have a website www.3art.tech I used the DNN breadcrumb but when I checked the google webmaster it is throwing an error for Missing field "item" in breadcrumbs. once I fixed it on google structure data I found the "item" is missing in the code  https://search.google.com/structure...r-Approach This must need to be added in the breadcrumb, which is actually missing in default dnn breadcrumb   http://www.3art.tech/About-us/Company-Overvie...
3 256
by  3ART TechnologiesJump to last post
31 Mar 2020 08:14 AM
4 Replies and 175 Views How to put two instances of same (shared) module on the same Page?  175  4 Started by  Tom Melkonian How can I put two instances of the same Module on a single page DNN doesn&39;t seem to let me do this. When I Add existing module to the page (which already has one instance on it), it removes the first instance. Can you help me figure this out Thanks I hope everyone and their family is OK during this difficult time. Best wishes and health to all. Take care, Tom
4 175
by  Tom MelkonianJump to last post
26 Mar 2020 11:16 AM
1 Replies and 105 Views Razor Module to Show Parent Child Links  105  1 Started by  Rob Hello, I have a situation with our current DNN site where we will have many external links. The parent page is a URL, then the child page is a regular page, and then it&39;s children are URL pages. I tried using the Console and DDR Menu with no luck so I was looking to build a simple module that would get the current page ID, then query all children and build out links on the page. I could do this using a Rest API, but if it is possible using the models in a Razor view and some C I would...
1 105
by  Joe CraigJump to last post
23 Mar 2020 10:08 PM
You are not authorized to create a new topic
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