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8 Replies and 381 Views Active Forums search - The service is unavailable.  381  8 Started by  DNNDude Hi Nukers, Another Active Forums issue.  When the "Search Forums" feature is used, the website returns a " The service is unavailable" page. I raised a ticket with the web hosting company (Managed.com), and they were not able to resolve it. Has anyone else dealt successfully with this issue and can shed some light on it DNN 9.6.1,  Active Forums 6.3.3 Thanks  
8 381
by  DNNDudeJump to last post
05 Aug 2020 07:26 PM
4 Replies and 148 Views best module for anonymous users to upload  148  4 Started by  sypa what are the best options available for a module that will allow anonymous users to upload files   i don&39;t think it&39;s possible with form n list, maybe a repository module would suffice if permission was taken away for users to download - and they just had upload facility
4 148
by  Tycho de Waard (SU)Jump to last post
31 Jul 2020 09:28 AM
5 Replies and 167 Views PDF files corrupt on Repository module after upgrade  167  5 Started by  sypa We have just upgraded our repository module from 4.0 to 4.1 (and upgraded DNN too) and most of our PDF documents no longer open. we get an Adobe error saying:        "There was an error opening this document. The file is damaged and could not be repaired" Some PDFs do open but most do not. We are on DNN 9.6.1 ( we have recently done several upgrades from 7.4.2 but have been checking all modules along the way and the Repository did appear to work in other D...
5 167
by  sypaJump to last post
31 Jul 2020 07:54 AM
7 Replies and 240 Views HTML Module Content  240  7 Started by  Joyce Hello I have edited the HTML module to prevent it from stripping code.  Although the module now allows the code, it ignors large sections of it and won&39;t display as expected. For example, the &39;Display:flex&39; element is ignored.   Yet the &39;flex&39; element is used within the nvQuicktheme which I am using. Please advise what I need to edit to enable the HTML module to process and display as required.  Thank you.  
7 240
by  JoyceJump to last post
30 Jul 2020 06:17 PM
1 Replies and 121 Views Custom WebMethod  121  1 Started by  Davide Martini Hi, as Microsoft teaches, I cannot create a WebMethod in ASCX file so I&39;m trying to create a generic handler ASHX. In my ashx.cs code file I put the WebMethod to call via Ajax in other pages but the result is always success, also if the url is wrong!!! This means that my page is not really calling the webmethod. Example with correct URL:  $(document).ready(function () {         $.ajax({         &...
1 121
by  Paras DaryananiJump to last post
29 Jul 2020 05:55 PM
1 Replies and 91 Views DNN Specialists: Vendor is AWOL  91  1 Started by  Bob Manjoney From the DNN Store, I purchased the "Reservations Module" version 7.3 from the vendor "DNN Specialists" about a month ago. I immediately hit a few issues, and have reached out to the vendor via the store&39;s contact channel several times but I am not getting any responses. The vendor&39;s website redirects back to store.dnnsoftware.com. Furthermore, the Extensions report on my site indicates that a newer version of the module is available, however, there is seemingly ...
1 91
by  Joe CraigJump to last post
27 Jul 2020 11:34 PM
1 Replies and 74 Views DNN vendor accreditation?  74  1 Started by  DNNDude A recent post got me thinking about DNN security and vendor accreditation. Does DNN have any sort of vendor accreditation scheme where solutions are independently verified, or at least conform to DNN / industry best-practice  Using the DAL, SQL, event logging, indexing, installing/uninstalling cleanly etc. Even basics like digital code-signing certificates, encryption/security best practice.  eg. Using password hashing, SHA256, AES for string encryption etc.  
1 74
by  Joe CraigJump to last post
25 Jul 2020 11:44 PM
2 Replies and 126 Views HTML Module  126  2 Started by  Joyce Hello I am trying to put some HTML in the source of the dnnHTML module.  But upon save it strips out sections of the HTML code. Please advise. Thank you
2 126
by  JoyceJump to last post
23 Jul 2020 01:11 PM
8 Replies and 335 Views url link direct to a module on a page.  335  8 Started by  KenT Hi Have three modules on a page, want to give an external url link that takes a user direct to a specififed module in the page. Prefer not to split modules accross three pages. DNN version 9x  Found a solution using hashtags on the old community but doesn&39;t seem to work. Any suggestions thanks  
8 335
by  KenTJump to last post
22 Jul 2020 08:04 AM
5 Replies and 384 Views Forum software....again  384  5 Started by  DNNDude Hi Nukers, I&39;m considering replacing the Active Forum module with a commerical product.  The AF module doesn&39;t look like it&39;s being actively developed, and it&39;s looking dated and lacks features. Has anyone got any experience with YAF  https://github.com/YAFNET/YAFNET-DNN Is this a seamless integration with the users in DNN, or do you have to manually synchronize them Other than YAF, does anyone have any recommendations for a modern forum that is supported ...
5 384
by  DNNDudeJump to last post
22 Jul 2020 03:14 AM
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