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0 Replies and 2540 Views Evotiva UserFiles nl-NL     2540 0 Started by EPT If somebody is looking for a NL (nl-NL) language pack for the Evotiva UserFiles module: have a look here for a complete translation. Als je op zoek bent naar een NL (nl-NL) language pack voor de Evotiva UserFiles module: kijk eens hier voor de volledige Nederlandse vertaling. If you need more, there are whole variety of language packs for modules and different languages available at the DNN-Connect.org website https://www.dnn-connect.org/community/translations
0 2540
9/17/2019 5:07 AM
3 Replies and 2435 Views Content localization     2435 3 Started by João Gomes Hey. In previous versions, DNN only showed pages that exist in the current language. This was the optimal solution to me. In 9.3.2 or so, it also shows pages that only exist in the default language (with the proper lang url). Is this intended Best regards, João
3 2435
by Sebastian LeupoldJump to last post
8/12/2019 5:54 AM
1 Replies and 1968 Views Some object links are not properly localized     1968 1 Started by Agency3 I&39;m back--with something else that is probably my fault!  I can&39;t get the logo&39;s home link (DNN:LOGO) to properly localize in my skin. The object generates /en-ca in the home link instead of /fr-ca It also does this with a few other links generated by DNN:USER and a module for ecommerce. (yet other links it generates are fine!)
1 1968
by Will StrohlJump to last post
8/9/2019 12:04 PM
1 Replies and 1943 Views Core Language Packs     1943 1 Started by Michael Tobisch Hi all, the translations into the "core" languages (de-DE, fr-FR, it-IT, nl-NL and es-ES) on this page seem to be stuck at version 9.2.0. I know that the translators have been paid by DNN Corp for a while to do this work, but I am  not sure if this is still the case (I can imagine that this was finished with the separation from the Platform and the commercial products). Anyway, it would be great to have them back. The translation editor included in DNN is awful to use, it...
1 1943
by Sebastian LeupoldJump to last post
7/29/2019 7:36 PM
1 Replies and 1685 Views Duplicate language code in url     1685 1 Started by Agency3 Hopefully this is the last issue I have to plague the forums with! I seem to be good at breaking things the past couple weeks. My current problem is that I turned on localization of content on my site, but now I&39;m getting duplicate language codes or sometimes both language codes in the url. For instance, clicking on the site logo goes to: http://staging.sitename.ca/en-ca/en-ca/workauthority.aspx Or using a language switcher to switch to english from french goes to: http...
1 1685
by Agency3Jump to last post
7/23/2019 4:41 PM
5 Replies and 2958 Views Searching on Japanes site     2958 5 Started by Marnix Hi, when I look into the calls dnn makes it kind of looks like japanes is not accepted... So when I do: /API/internalservices/searchService/searchsearch=someenglishtext&pageIndex=1&pageSize=15&sortOption=0&culture=ja-JP It will return results (including japanese content!) , however when I do something like: /API/internalservices/searchService/searchsearch=パフォーマンスミネラル&pageIndex=1&pageSize=15&sortOption=0&culture=ja-JP It doesn&39;t. So, has th...
5 2958
by Will StrohlJump to last post
7/19/2019 11:15 AM
3 Replies and 2155 Views Language dependent start page     2155 3 Started by Bernd Morgeneyer Hello, what is the best way to have langage specific start pages dependent on the browser settings of the user The way I found out was to specify a "DefaultPage" as my start page that only contains a "Redirector" Module. This module checks the browser&39;s language settings and redirects to "Startseite" if the browser language is "de-DE", else to "Home". Because in the mean time I get problems on this way I am looking for a better solu...
3 2155
by Daniel ValadasJump to last post
6/27/2019 7:23 AM
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