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Forum: Upgrading DNN Platform

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Blank login page upgrading from 07.03.04 (45) to    

Started By  kylews
I have tried everything I can think of to get the portal to come up.  I have tried create a second subsite.  I have tried changing templates.  Renaming the default template ect. Nothing seems to work
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by  kylewsJump to last post
3/31/2020 9:03 AM

Links module alternative in DNN9.2    

Started By  Stuart
Hi Currently in progress of upgrading several largish DNN sites from 8.0 to 9.2. I have a particular problem in that we have literally many, hundreds/thousands of downloadable files as well as 'you may also want' / 'external links' /Contact Us etc across a plethora of tabs and portals that use the deprecated Links module. We used the links module as it was a great way to manage files and links in 1 table I somehow have to find a solution to transfer all this to another module without breaki...
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by  StuartJump to last post
3/19/2020 10:07 AM

DNN Upgrade from 9.0.1 to 9.2.0    

Started By  washboardalex
We are upgrading our DNN installation to 9.4.4 to take advantage of the latest memory leak fix. However, we are having trouble and despite trying several upgrade paths I am making no progress. I originally followed the suggested upgrade path and went to 9.1.1 but had problems with Newtonsoft.Json.dll. I saw in a forum post somewhere that going straight to 9.2 might be easier because Newtonsoft.Json is upgraded to version 10.0.3 in that version of dnn.  I still had the Newtonsoft.Json error...
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by  Tycho de Waard (SU)Jump to last post
3/10/2020 5:21 AM

Can Not Upgrade from DNN 7.4.1 to DNN 7.4.2 versions    

Started By  Michal
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Hello, its old case, already discussed here. Issue with my platform persist, now I got more time and will to solve it...  After upgrade 7.04.01 to 7.04.02 (or there is logged following exception in *.log.resources: 2020-01-23 10:39:43,082 [xyz][Thread:17][ERROR] DotNetNuke.Services.Exceptions.Exceptions - System.Threading.ThreadAbortException: Thread was being aborted.    at System.Threading.Thread.SleepInternal(Int32 millisecondsTimeout)    at System.Threading.Thread.Sleep(Int...
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by  MichalJump to last post
3/9/2020 8:09 AM

DNN 9.5 does not contain the latest DNN.SecurityAnalyzer    

Started By  improwise
How come DNN 9.5 does not seem to contain the latest DNN.SecurityAnalyzer https://github.com/DNNCommunity/DNN...r/releases Latest version is 8.1.5 but DNN 9.5 seem to contain 8.1.3   (8.1.5 was released december 2018 BTW)
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by  improwiseJump to last post
3/5/2020 10:18 AM

Upgrade path 7.2.3 to 9.2.2    

Started By  Mike Willard
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I have 2 sites that need to upgrade from 7.2.3 to 9.2.2.  Is there a suggested upgrade path, or can I go straight to 9.2.2
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by  Joe CraigJump to last post
3/5/2020 7:50 AM

Upgrading DNN    

Started By  Deleted User
I have never installed/updated DNN.  I have never set up a website.  I enherited our companies site.  I see the 'Critical Update' red bar above the DNN Icon. I think I'm running V7.02.00 but am not even sure of this.  When I clicked on the DNN Icon it took me to a page that showed 7.02.00 then had me redirect to the DNN community site.  Not sure if I can jump from my current version to the latest version.  Not sure if it will break anything else (extensions etc...).  Not sure how to che...
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by  Michael TobischJump to last post
2/28/2020 12:50 AM

Upgrade from 7.02    

Started By  Deleted User
Can I upgrade from 7.02 directly to the latest and greatest version Where do I find/download the upgrade Thank you in advance.
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by  Michael TobischJump to last post
2/28/2020 12:38 AM

Upgrading from DNN 9.1.1 to 9.3.2    

Started By  JordanM
Hi All, Recently upgraded DNN 9.1.1 to 9.3.2 with success until I stopped the app pool, then when restarted pulled an error and wont load. giving me the w3wp.exe error on the server.  Something gave me the idea of comparing web.config files (9.1.1 / 9.3.2), i noticed if i ripped these lines out that DNN started loading with no errors. dependentAssembly         assemblyIdentity name='Newtonsoft.Json' publicKeyToken='30ad4fe6b2a6aeed'          bindingRedirect oldVersion='
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by  JordanMJump to last post
2/26/2020 3:15 PM

Procedure or function 'Personabar_GetUsersBySearchTerm' expects parameter '@HasAgreedToTerms', which was not supplied.    

Started By  Brent Wilson
Navigating to Users - logged in as Host To find that i cannot see any users. Not even my own profile. The is a message in a red bar at the top that tells me: There was an error retrieving your content. Please check your internet connection.   Another error message appears briefly below Procedure or function 'Personabar_GetUsersBySearchTerm' expects parameter 'HasAgreedToTerms', which was not supplied. Any way forward
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by  Tycho de Waard (SU)Jump to last post
2/26/2020 2:59 AM
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