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Permissions on a specific pane    

Started By  Sylvain Sanscartier
Hi, Can I limit the action buttons (Settings, Delete, Move options, etc.) of all modules in a specific skin pane to SuperUsers or specific roles only Example: I created a skin with MenuPane, SubHeaderPane and ContentPane. All users of a specific role can add modules or edit module settings or move modules between MenuPane and ContentPane but I need to disable all of this options for the SubHeaderPane. Is it possible to limit my SubHeaderPane changes to the Host acccount only Thank you...
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by  Joe CraigJump to last post
2/25/2021 11:25 PM

Blank Skin?    

Started By  Greg
Wish I could find my old login creds.  But it's been a few years since I have logged in.  :-( I have an old blank skin but it is for DNN 4 I think and I doubt it would work on DNN 9.  Does anyone know where I could find an updated blank skin Thanks; Greg Brown
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by  Prasad MadurangaJump to last post
2/20/2021 4:18 AM

HttpContext.Current.Session not Working    

Started By  markjoeylavapie
Hello, I'm not an expert in .NET programming and I'm trying to solve this problem but no success.  We decided to revamp our old website and part of it is to switch theme. But we have a function from old that we can't move to the new theme.  Our old website has a function that will get user's session code, so that if they move to our affiliate website via url, they will be automatically logged in.  This is the code from our old theme... OLD THEME CODE https://pastebin.com/v4RBcBTQ...
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by  markjoeylavapieJump to last post
2/11/2021 5:36 PM

Edit a Template    

Started By  Mason
Edit: Solution has been found and added to bottom of post for anyone with the same issue. I am doing maintenance on an existing DNN site, and have not been able to edit HTML templates. My procedure is to click settings on the module I need to change > expand Theme and template selection > click the edit button next to the HTML template. On the resuting page I can intereact with the HTML, however there is no save button. The base of the editor says Currently viewing: path to the html ...
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by  Joe CraigJump to last post
2/10/2021 3:36 PM

Trademark symbol in menu    

Started By  John A
Hello and thank you for help in advance, I am trying to add either ™ after a page name or ® after a page name. I ave tried both the hex code and decimal code to with no effect. How can this be achieved
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by  Timo Breumelhof (40F)Jump to last post
2/10/2021 8:34 AM

The action menu of containers are on wrong place and moving for the mouse over    

Started By  Yma
I upgraded my DNN website to DNN 9.8.1 Everything is working fine. But when I go to the edit mode, It is difficult to edit now. The action menus of all containers are at the wrong places here and there and if I move the move on it, then it is moving to a different place. Please, can you advise me on how to fix this issue Thank you!
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by  Joe CraigJump to last post
2/8/2021 12:01 PM

Container Skin works in Edit, Disappears on View    

Started By  Ted Krapf
Cross posted - https://stackoverflow.com/questions/66033341/dnn-module-container-skin-disappears-after-edit   Having a 911, weird issue with DNN 9.x. I am building a series of custom page skins, and custom container skins --- all based on a really clean bootstrap template. I've done this countless times without issue. I have a custom container (module) skin, called HeroSection.ascx. When the page/site is in edit mode, the styling/html elements within HeroSection.ascx appear as you'...
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by  Joe CraigJump to last post
2/3/2021 1:59 PM

Xcillion 2 menu bar overlay problem    

Started By  MIBict
Xcillion 2 is quite a good theme, but I have one problem with using navigation bar / drop-down menu: - when you use navigation menu bar or drop down menu (smartphone / tablet view) it visually cover main page content (text / photo), but it seems that links associated with that content are in most top layer on the page. As a result - when you want to click on link in menu - its trigger links beneath from underlaying content (content from the page). Page(s) with problem URL: https://krscanstv...
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by  MIBictJump to last post
1/26/2021 10:58 AM

How do you change the layout of a page?    

Started By  MikeDymond
Hi I am very new to DNN but a reasonably experienced web developer and have some experience with Umbraco, however I am totally failing to understand how DNN works and how I can style my home page. I can go into Page Settings and click advanced and then appearance. Here I can apparently select different layouts, however clicking them and hitting save does not seem to have any effect. Also I cannot figure out how I would create a new layout, if I wanted to. It just seems that every page i...
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by  JohnJohnsonJump to last post
1/14/2021 9:21 AM

How to make template setting?    

Started By  hmahdavi921
I want to create template for dnn9 that have a settings section. There is no explanation about it in the dnn document . How can i do that
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by  Joe CraigJump to last post
1/4/2021 9:24 AM
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