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0 Replies and 4203 Views First time configuring DNN?     4203 0 Started by Will Strohl Is this your first time configuring DNN  Did you just get told to take care of the website and don&39;t know where to even begin  Well, you&39;re in the right place.  Ask your configuration/admin questions in this forum and also feel free to review the documentation for this topic using the link below. &91;Edited by someone other than Will ...&93; https://dnndocs.com/content/administrators/ The link above doesn&39;t work.  You may want to look at https://dnndo...
0 4203
6/12/2019 9:47 PM
12 Replies and 257 Views Community website     257 12 Started by Willem
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We need to build a community website in DNN. We prefer the platform editor and not the Evoq version. Is Evoq Engae still avaliable / active We need functionality like facebook timeline, forum, blog, groups, wiki etc. What modules / solutions can we use third-party
12 257
by WillemJump to last post
6/6/2024 8:29 AM
4 Replies and 2975 Views DNN Password Requirements     2975 4 Started by muddeatr Looking for the DNN Password Requirements settings in DNN 8.0.3. Specifically I&39;d like to require upper and lowercase along with alphanumeric, but I can only find the minRequiredPasswordLength and minRequiredNonalphanumericCharacters in the web.config. Is there a way to require upper and lower case also
4 2975
by David PoindexterJump to last post
6/5/2024 10:11 AM
8 Replies and 562 Views Menu node level setting     562 8 Started by Jini Joy I am using the DNN 09.10.01 version. How can I update the menu node level setting in DNN settings I need 5 level menus.
8 562
by Marco AlvaradoJump to last post
5/30/2024 2:57 PM
9 Replies and 1709 Views Site Create Error - Invalid Settings     1709 9 Started by tony bonn I am unable to create a new site. dnn complains about element &39;settings&39; has invalid child sitemapcachedays. i can&39;t find it in web.config. The element &39;settings&39; has invalid child element &39;sitemapcachedays&39; i am using dnn 9.8.1 How do i correct
9 1709
by David PoindexterJump to last post
5/24/2024 12:11 PM
5 Replies and 132 Views Cannot use Office 365 OAUTH2     132 5 Started by Fab.Lser Hello, I have some throubles configuring Office 365 oauth2. I created the application in Office365 and configured it in my DNN test installation. The configuration in DNN seems to be correct (Microsoft authentication is completed, I see the informational message "Your OAuth provider&39;s configuration has been completed."). Anyway, clicking on Test connection button, I got an authentication error. After some tests, I discovered that this message changes if I change SMTP address ...
5 132
by Daniel ValadasJump to last post
5/14/2024 10:27 PM
7 Replies and 171 Views Breadcrumb languages     171 7 Started by Gillian My site has two languages (English and Arabic) The Breadcrumb on the Arabic page is showing "Home | <Parent page name in Arabic> | <Current page name in Arabic> Questions: 1. How to change the word "Home" to the Arabic word 2. The hyperlink for <Parent page name in Arabic> is linked to the English version. How to change to the /ar instead of /en
7 171
by Daniel ValadasJump to last post
5/14/2024 12:55 PM
11 Replies and 3092 Views Private registration and notify email     3092 11 Started by progmr
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Hi, I need to understand how work private registration and notify at admin (DNN 9.9.1) In Settings > Security > Account Members > Registration setting I define Private registration and flag on Receive New User Registration Notification In Settings > Security > Login Settings > Base login settings I define my Super User account like principal admin However, I&39;ve got other two admin user (role: Administrator) because I would notify them when a new user registr...
11 3092
by Will StrohlJump to last post
5/14/2024 10:34 AM
4 Replies and 92 Views Built in Search Does Nothing on a Clean Install     92 4 Started by Will Strohl Has anyone here deployed a DNN (9.13.2) site where the built-in search literally appears to do nothing at all  No search.  No errors.  Nothing.  Type something in and nothing happens.  Not even an error in the console.  This brand-new site has nothing happening with that feature.  
4 92
by David PoindexterJump to last post
5/12/2024 10:25 AM
16 Replies and 3075 Views Persona Bar - No Icons     3075 16 Started by Stellatus
(Topic has multiple pages1 2 )
I cannot edit a fresh install of DNN 9.10.2 the persona bar is just a blank box. The following errors occur in developer tools of the browser the strange thing is the hosting company said they can see the bar, but I have tried it on different machines different networks and different operating systems and I cannot view the bar. Any suggestions welcome.
16 3075
by Will StrohlJump to last post
5/12/2024 10:11 AM
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