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5 Replies and 298 Views Upgrade from 09.11.00 to 09.11.02     298 5 Started by Seek78 Hello, upgrading from 09.11.00 to 09.11.02 I ran in this error: &91;CODE&93; &91;ERROR&93; DotNetNuke.Services.Install.UpgradeWizard - Microsoft.CSharp.RuntimeBinder.RuntimeBinderException: &39;Newtonsoft.Json.Linq.JObject&39; does not contain a definition for &39;secret&39;    at CallSite.Target(Closure , CallSite , Object )    at System.Dynamic.UpdateDelegates.UpdateAndExecute1&91;T0,TRet&93;(CallSite site, T0 arg0)    at DotNetNuke.Services.Instal...
5 298
by Will StrohlJump to last post
8/31/2023 11:28 AM
5 Replies and 1425 Views MinimalExtropy Container error when upgrading to 9.4.4     1425 5 Started by Eoghanon When upgrading from DNN v9.1.1 to v9.4.4 I get a MinimalExtropy Container error. The Upgrade wizard then refuses to go any further. I then restored the website, looked into MinimalExtropy and saw it was v1.0 so I upgraded it to v1.0.5 (from the "avaialbe extensions/modules" tab in the Persona Bar. I was hoping this would solve it. It did not. I got exactly the same error at the same point in the upgrade. I note as well that in the log for the upgrade I did to get from DNN v8 to v9.1.1 ...
5 1425
by Michael TobischJump to last post
8/30/2023 8:57 AM
5 Replies and 292 Views DNN 9.2.2 to ASPNET5     292 5 Started by Victor van der Hulst My hosting provider is going to upgrade their windows platform and require all users to upgrade their web apps to ASPNET 5. I&39;m running a DNN 09.02.02 website on ASP.NET 4.6. Cannot find whether this DNN site can be easily updated to ASPNET 5. Hopefully, any of you can give me some advise. Besides NewsArticles no specific extension are currently in use. Regards, Victor
5 292
by Will StrohlJump to last post
8/22/2023 12:27 AM
6 Replies and 396 Views DDR Menu causing very slow page load time after DNN 9.12 upgrade     396 6 Started by Justin C I recently upgraded a DNN Platform 6.2.3 site, following the suggested upgrade path all the way to 9.12.0. I believe it was with 7.4.2 or 8.0.4 I noticed very slow page load time but decided to continue the upgrade path to the end to then diagnose the issue. After a lot of investigation I confirmed it is due to the DDR menu provider, and if I removed the skin object (both the register tag < Register TagPrefix="dnn" TagName="MENU" Src="~/DesktopModules/DDRMenu/Men...
6 396
by Marco AlvaradoJump to last post
7/25/2023 1:55 PM
12 Replies and 2435 Views Upgrade to 09.11.01 - PersonaBar error     2435 12 Started by Sylvain Sanscartier
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FYI First, I know… I use an old SQL Server version (2012) and I plan an upgrade this year. If you upgrade your DNN Platform to the v9.11.1, you will have an error with the installation of the Dnn.PersonaBar.Extensions_09.11.1_Install. The cause: In the 09.11.01.SqlDataProvider file, the T-SQL scripts use a conditional drop for delete two existing stored procedures (AddIPFilter and UpdateIPFilter). The arguments IF EXIST applies to SQL Server 2016 and up. My solution: After the...
12 2435
by David FenskeJump to last post
5/25/2023 11:40 AM
12 Replies and 2745 Views After upgrading to 9.11 Persona Bar has gone     2745 12 Started by 3ART Technologies Company
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I have upgraded from dnn 9.1 to 9.11 after that the persona bar lost anyone have an idea how to sort it out, the even log also showing blank in database
12 2745
by Michael TobischJump to last post
4/25/2023 7:30 AM
7 Replies and 797 Views Transfer users     797 7 Started by Alex_1 Hi, I have a very old DNN 4.7 website. I have a question - is it possible somehow to transfer users from DNN 4.7 to DNN 9 or 9.1 I know how to create users programmatically, but I need to preserve User Id and credentials. Thank you.  
7 797
by Will StrohlJump to last post
4/18/2023 9:15 PM
1 Replies and 455 Views PersonaBar issue     455 1 Started by Harsh I have upgraded the dnn server to 9.11 there was no error while upgrading however the persona bar is not loading Chrome. Only it is loading in IE 11 browser. I have also checked admin logs there is no error. Any suggestions where to look.
1 455
by Will StrohlJump to last post
4/14/2023 4:01 PM
7 Replies and 4130 Views .NET Core and DNN     4130 7 Started by Ana_Dana Our company has a website hosted on DNN, which has been running for abour 15 years. Our company custom built many modules for our needs. Since .Net Framework is now legacy and I read some blogs on the DNN website that DNN will be moved to .Net Core (in version 10). So, is there a time line when DNN moves to .Net Core is there a migration path for existing modules(.Net Framework) to .Net core Sorry, if this has been answered before, I only found some blogs that are from 2018, 2019. I am trying...
7 4130
by Allen HallJump to last post
3/29/2023 8:30 AM
4 Replies and 903 Views Is Dnn 9.11.0 considered stable to be upgraded from 9.3.2?     903 4 Started by Alok Agarwal Official Hello, Can we upgrade from DNN 9.3.2 to 9.11.0 On this link upgrade path for DNN 9.11.0 is not listed. https://docs.dnncommunity.org/content/getting-started/setup/upgrades/suggested-upgrade-path/index.html Recently DNN 9.11.1 was also launched, is there any critical issues in DNN 9.11.0 which can be critical. Please advise if any one has done these upgrades.  Regards, Alok
4 903
by DaveHassallJump to last post
3/7/2023 7:24 AM
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