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2 Replies and 812 Views Changing Name of a Page  812  2 Started by  Robert Dickow I have encountered a situation in which DNN won&39;t let me change the name of a page. I have 3 pages named something like the following: basepage basepage-backup basepage-test My intent is to use the basepage-backup in place of basepage. So, I try to change basepage to basepage-original. Then I try to change basepage-backup to basepage. It is then that DNN says there is already a page named basepage, and I can&39;t change the name of basepage-backup. Where am I going wrong Bob
2 812
by  Will StrohlJump to last post
04 Oct 2019 05:40 PM
8 Replies and 2170 Views Host-level functionality & page in DNN932  2170  8 Started by  EPT I have a host-level only module (site backup). In the pre-PersonaBar days, the module installer created automatically a page with the module on that page, where the page was accessible by host accounts only. In DNN932, the host level page and module is not created. Apparently, I have to create that page manually or create an entry for the PersonaBar manually, but how
8 2170
by  Will StrohlJump to last post
04 Oct 2019 05:38 PM
5 Replies and 1694 Views Site Wizard  1694  5 Started by  Indian Guru Where did the "Site Wizard" go :O How do I make a new site from my old DNN 8.x.x site :O
5 1694
by  Will StrohlJump to last post
04 Oct 2019 05:34 PM
3 Replies and 1366 Views Page can't be reached...permissions  1366  3 Started by  Robert Dickow I have a page that can&39;t be reached for some reason. Instead of navigating to the page, it goes to the user login page. Even setting all the page permissions to &39;All Users" at the page level and system level does not seem to have any effect. The page is a simple page named pwdreset, though it has nothing to do with resetting the DNN password. Am I missing a secret setting somewhere Any suggestions DNN v 9.03.02 running on AWS VM.  
3 1366
by  Will StrohlJump to last post
04 Oct 2019 05:13 PM
3 Replies and 1044 Views Folders  1044  3 Started by  Mark Buelsing I&39;m looking for a starting point to write a SP to retrieve all folders and subfolders of a ParentID. I believe I have seen folder-pickers that have obviously figured out this logic. I have looked through the stored procedures in DNN and didn&39;t see anything obvious. Is anyone familiar with this task and could you steer me in the right direction Go DNN!
3 1044
by  Sebastian LeupoldJump to last post
02 Oct 2019 02:35 PM
8 Replies and 2153 Views How can i filter my visualizer by tags?  2153  8 Started by  kletendre I would like to be able to create a calendar which has all events and then create calendars which have events specific to the section of the site the user is in. My visualizer only allows me to display items which have all of the same tags in each event and im not able to filter by the one single type of tag. Im using the version below -  but will be upgrading to 9.3 tomorrow to see if this resolves the issue. EVOQ CONTENT v. 09.02.02
8 2153
by  Will StrohlJump to last post
02 Oct 2019 02:23 PM
4 Replies and 1092 Views Page Edit  1092  4 Started by  Jim McIntosh Trying to edit a page and when I click on any of the dropdown options   I get the following error ... Not sure what to check. Would appreciate some ideas on next steps.  
4 1092
by  Will StrohlJump to last post
02 Oct 2019 02:11 PM
2 Replies and 942 Views Controlled links from page to page  942  2 Started by  KenT I am sure this is a behaviour settings challenge, not sure the best way  Trying to achieve: 1st time  - new user/member registers on the portal, gets their &39;you are authorised&39; email and they log in for the first time.  This one time, how can I take them to specific page(s) (ideally without using a link in the &39;you are authorised mailer&39;). This will be an introduction to using the services set up 2nd time - the new users logs on they go to the ...
2 942
by  Sebastian LeupoldJump to last post
02 Oct 2019 12:07 PM
1 Replies and 821 Views Custom options in CKEditor  821  1 Started by  Nelko Hello! How to add custom options to CKEditor config In my plugins i must write:    CKEDITOR.replace(         document.getElementById("editor"),         {             skin: &39;n1ed&39;,             allowedContent: true,             extraPlugins: "N1ED, Flmngr",             urlFileManager: &39;...
1 821
by  Sebastian LeupoldJump to last post
02 Oct 2019 11:14 AM
3 Replies and 1051 Views Is there a simple way to hide a HTML module?  1051  3 Started by  DNNDude Hi Nukers, Using DNN 9.2.2 Is there a simple way to hide a HTML module  I just want to "turn it off" for a period of time.  Hide it.  I don&39;t want to adjust the security/permission settings, because I want to display it again soon. Is there a way to hide a module without changing all of the viewing permissions  I thought this was an option in previous version of DNN.
3 1051
by  Michael TobischJump to last post
02 Oct 2019 02:46 AM
You are not authorized to create a new topic
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